Social Studies

Hey there! Need help with social studies??? well here's your help!!!

Ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptians were all about their religion and their nature. They had a god for almost everything. The river that goes through Egypt is the Nile River. There were different seasons in the Egyptian religion. They built the pyramids. Each one was for a pharaoh that died. THATS IT FOR NOW!

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Ancient Greece
There are 2 famous places in Ancient Greece. They are: Sparta and Athens. Sparta and Athens were different. Sparta was all about their military. The boys had to start getting trained when they were born. They would retire when they were in their 60's. The girls had more rights than in Athens. In Athens, you could go into the military if you wanted to. You didn't have to. THATS ALL FOR NOW!!

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Ancient Rome
Rome started out as a small civilization. It also started out as a monarchy. But when the mean leader King Tarquin was mean to the citizens of Rome, they decided to have a republic. The ruler was a senate and 2 consuls. They also had a very strick way of school. They went for 12 hours a day and they only got brake for a nap and lunch! Thats all for now. (to be updated soon)

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